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Karl von Orb - Artist in Berlin, Germany

About #

Karl von Orb is a Conceptual Artist, Illustrator and Painter located in Potsdam, Germany. He has received degree in German Studies, Linguistics, History of Art and Philosophy at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main.

After working as an Illustrator for a few years, he studied at the „Akademie für Malerei Berlin“ and later received training from Sadie J. Valeri in the tradition of classical studios.

Artist Statement #

I take reality, I absorb it through the mill of my experiences and thoughts, and then I produce a new reality with minor irritations or major distortions, a reality that evokes feelings and memories and affects a viewer on a level deeper than words.

Solo Exhibitions #

„It Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You“ — Galerie Vide, Paris, France

„Gegengegenrealität“ — Kunstraum Mitte, Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions (Selected) #

„À la recherche de l’espace perdu“ — Galerie Guérin, Paris, France

„Der Augenblick, der vergeht“ — Kunstraum Mitte, Berlin, Germany
„Die Erinnerung ist ein vergilbtes Lakritz“ — Galerie Suter, Zürich, Switzerland

„Bedeutungsräume“ — Kunstraum Mitte, Berlin, Germany

„Okzident Grotesk“ — Galerie Suter, Zürich, Switzerland
„Work in Progress“ — Villa Dehm, Baden-Baden, Germany

„Virtuality killed the cat“ — Galerie Vide, Paris, France

„DOGMA“ — Copenhagen Art Forum, Denmark

„Abondance de minimalisme“ — Blanc/Faure, Paris, France
„Sentiment Analysis“ — Kunstens Venner Oslo, Norway

Collections #

Etihad Art Collection, Dubai, UAE
Folksam Konstsamling, Stockholm, Sweden
Homantin Foundation, Hong Kong, China
Kolekcia Artislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
Sammlung Dehm, Baden-Baden, Germany
Sammlung Hürlimann, Zürich, Switzerland
The Travis Trust, Atherton, USA